PowerShell Conference EU 2016
Hannover, Germany

20.04.2016 - 22.04.2016

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Welcome to the next great European PowerShell event!

Deutsche PowerShell Konferenz and enthusiastic PowerShell Community Members from all across Europe have united together under the #PSConfEU banner to create an extraordinary PowerShell Community Event in Europe this coming April.

For this conference we will be bringing together PowerShell experts from all around the globe to create a unique 3-day event with presentations, workshops and the chance to connect, learn and discuss all things PowerShell with those that have a real passion for this evolving technology. There will be no place like this to deep-dive PowerShell in all of its flavors and colors.

The conference languages are English and German. There are continuous main tracks in both languages, making sure you can follow the tracks in the language you feel most comfortable with.

After the announcement by PowerShell.Org that the EU Summit would no longer be organised by them, due to the reasons listed in this blog post, there was an immediate decison to be made regarding the future of such an event in Europe.

After some careful consideration by members of the European PowerShell Community, we decided on using the #PSConfEU banner. This was in part done with a wish to align with the Asian PowerShell Conference (#PSConfAsia), and we are delighted to announce that the organizing teams from both conferences are positive about working together in the future.

We as organisers of this event would like to thank the PowerShell.Org team for the work that they have done in the past with the events already held, and we will be working closely with them and the Asia PowerShell Conference Team to ensure that events do not overlap in the upcoming years. After all, this is an effort BY the community, FOR the community - one that the whole organising team are very much committed to.

Further Background

2016 is Leibniz Year in Hannover. Leibniz researched more than 300 years ago, and some of his concepts like the Monadology are spiritual roots of PowerShell. It is easy to get to Hannover by railway or plane, and we secured hotel contingents that you can optionally take advantage of when you register.

Conference seats are strictly limited to 160 attendees on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Register- 148 seats left

You can choose to register for the optional preconference workshop day (EUR 499, 19% VAT included). Preconference workshops are limited to 20 attendees per workshop.

You can reserve hotel rooms if needed at the Hannover Congress Hotel where we reserved contingents for you. Hotel accommodation is not included. If you'd like to choose a different hotel, please make sure it is close to a tram station for easy travel.

When you register, based on availability we send an invoice to the email address you specify, with the billing address you specified. You then have 30 days to pay the invoice. After 30 days, your registration request is automatically cancelled.

Once the invoice is paid, you receive a registration confirmation. If the invoice is paid after all seats were already taken, we reimburse your payment immediately.

Conference registration is transferable and not bound to a specific person. Bring your registration confirmation to the conference. Registrations are not cancellable.

If you need changes after you registered (i.e. attendee changes), or if you have other questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

If you have any addition information that you feel we should be aware of, for instance any dietary needs etc., please use this field to let us know.

Evening Event

All attendees are our guest at the awesome and very unique evening event taking place at the end of conference day 1. We will all walk down to Yukon Bay, an ancient gold digger town in the center of Hannover Zoo that opens all night exclusively for us. Surrounded by polar bears and penguins, this is the perfect place to decelerate, connect with others, enjoy great food and drinks, and get to know PowerShellers from all across the world.

Yukon Bay Yukon Bay


The conference takes place in the Hannover Conference Centrum (HCC).

On day one, we have two main tracks taking place in the awesome Beethoven Saal and in Blauer Saal. After the keynote in English, you are free to choose between the two main tracks, one in English, and one in German. All tracks will be recorded.

At the end of the first day, there will be an evening event. This event if free for participants.

On day 2 + 3, we have up to 4 main tracks holding 75 attendees maximum each. There will always be one continuous track in English and one in German. The other two tracks deliver presentations in various languages, repeat sessions, or discussions.

We also have 7 breakout session rooms and an emergency room. The emergency room provides help and ad-hoc tutoring to bring you up to speed with topics you are not completely comfortable with. You can also make free appointments with experts for a 1:1 or 1:many.

The remaining breakout session rooms will be used ad-hoc. If you want to take the presenter from a track with you, and discuss details or play yourself with his demos, you can get a breakout session room. Some rooms will be used to deliver refresher classes in RegEx, XML, or other topics, and allow PowerShell user groups to present themselves.

Beethoven saal Beethoven saal Blauer saal Blauer saal Lounge area Conference Center outside view Conference Center outside view