Welcome to Europe’s largest PowerShell-themed annual conference! In 2019, we are looking forward to a joyful “Recalibration Week” where we put together all the opportunities that PowerShell offers in a modern world, and make this week a fun learning experience for everyone.

We’ll have 350 delegate seats again and 40 international speakers. You can build your personal agenda from 3 parallel tracks using our conference app (iOS, Android). Agenda information becomes available by end of January 2019.

Here is why people from 35 countries travel to Hannover to attend:

  • Advanced PowerShell Topics: In 2019, we want sessions to be even more practical, so most come with a promise: “When you attend this session, you will be able to [control Philips lights with PowerShell]/[execute code visibly in the context of another logged on user]/[stream data right into a database and create the required tables on the fly]/[identify top bottle necks in script code and speed up things by factor 200]/etc. pp. With roughly 80 sessions, there’s a lot of knowledge to harvest and take home.
  • Great Speakers: A ratio of 1 speaker per 10 delegates makes psconf.eu very personal. Speakers are renown international industry experts with solid experience. Most have built popular PowerShell extensions like dbatools, have written books like “PowerShell Cookbook”, or have invented PowerShell itself like the PowerShell team from Redmond. There is always time for your questions, and our Speakers are curious to hear what you are doing with PowerShell.
  • Inspiring Delegates: Most delegates are experienced professional PowerShell users and automation experts who are writing and running the company’s automation scripts. You don’t have to be a PowerShell wizard to attend (although many wizards do). Anyone who dares can get the stage during lunch time for a 15 or 30 minute “Birds of Feather” slot. Test drive your career as a future speaker, and present tricks and techniques to fellow delegates and speakers.

psconf.eu is a blend of conference and training experience, so however you like to call it, you can choose whether you want us to bill you for a conference or a training event.

So don’t wait until it’s sold out (again), join us and and secure your seat now! Simply click the link below to open the registration form. Admission includes access to venue and tracks, conference materials, coffee breaks and snacks, lunch, Zoo evening dinner event, and mug. Travel and accommodation not included.


You can also download a proposal here.. And if you need to convince your boss, simply do the math: psconf.eu is cheaper than most public trainings, and in a fast-paced world where scripts and automation are part of business-critical processes, once a year it’s just due to come together, update know-how, learn about latest security challenges and mitigations, and bring home fresh ideas, best practices, and inspiration.

We are doing this conference for passion not profit, and all speakers volunteer. Conference fee gets us a great venue, healthy and tasty lunch, snacks and coffee breaks, covers session video recording, pays the rent for the Zoo dinner evening event, and enables us to pay hotel accommodation for speakers. Should you be intrigued to sponsor this event, download our sponsor information here.

To catch the spirit of this conference, have a look at the official 2017 after-conference movie here:

Call for papers

If you would like to speak at this years conference, please submit your proposals at the following link:

We will accept session proposals until December 9. 2018.



Fill out my online form.


Fill out my online form.